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Bitcoin Added $400 USD For Short Duration This Morning.

The bitcoin worth took a serious leap on this morning, adding nearly $400 USD in no time.

The incident in question occurred specifically at today’s morning, after the bitcoin price leaped from around $6,445 USD to $6,900 USD through one-minute candle on the Bitfinex exchange, and the price of bitcoin continued to extend from there, rising even higher than the $6,800 USD mark and peaking around at $6,900 USD mark before subsiding back off to the present price of around $6,689 USD now.

Bitcoin Added $400 USD For Short Duration This Morning.


Early indications recommend that this worth action, that came through a small amount of relatively-low volumes within the cryptocurrency markets, might not be quite organic. That’s as a result of it occurred at nearly the precise moment that BitMEX Exchange platform that handles volumes in billion daily, went offline for maintenance.

Bitcoin Added $400 USD For Short Duration This Morning.

As this time of reporting, BitMEX Exchange is setting out to resume its trading services. Consequently, it remains to be seen whether or not the market can sustain these gains throughout after this morning hours.

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