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Bison Trails Launches Its New ‘DSP’ Software To Deal With Double Signing Mgs.

A renowned Blockchain infrastructure, Bison Trails, has launched its double-signing protection software, or DSP, that aims to deal with the slashing penalties related to double signing mgs.

In line with the company, several virtual asset holders consider slashing penalties to be one among the “main risks” of Blockchain participation, as they make it more harder for the network to succeed in consensus.

The CTO and co-founder of Bison Trails, Aaron Henshaw, added that such penalties might be harmful for anyone participating with their stake during a network as “it represents an area where token holders and validators can actually lose existing funds, not just miss out on future rewards.”

Henshaw claims that the software is primarily being offered to users participating within the Kuzama & Tezos networks. Polkadot, Cosmos, and Celo support will then follow.

The New York based company said that if a cloud provider, region, or maybe a node has a problem with double signing events, the software will going to be able to respond to bring the infrastructure online and minimize downtime while ensuring that such infrastructure won’t cause a double sign again.

While explaining further Bison Trails’ CTO added:

“Bison Trails can safely answer outages and even have highly-available nodes waiting without access to the keys they might require to sign.”

In case of an outage during a primary node, the DSP could confirm the release of a personal key and permit a backup node to start validating, said Henshaw.

Also earlier in July, Bison Trails revealed its support for Ethereum 2.0 — an upgrade which will move the network from its PoW algorithm mechanism to PoS. The network will reward validators early, with a reward rate of 23% on the Ethereum network.

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