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Binance LaunchPad Platform Completes $4 Mln Sale Of CELR Tokens In Just 17 Minutes.

In line with official ‘announcement‘ published, Binance launchpad platform – the token launch platform of the leading global cryptocurrency exchange named ‘Binance’, has successfully completed a $4 Mln sale of CELR [Celer Network] tokens.

The tokens sale was successfully completed within just around 17 minutes, with all 597,014,925 CELR tokens sold in an exceedingly single session.

According to the ‘announcement‘, the CELR token sale solely accepted Binance’s own cryptocurrency named Binance Coin [BNB], with every CELR token ‘priced‘ around 0.000434 BNB or around $ 0.0067 USD equivalent. One BNB can purchase 2,303.358 CELR tokens. The minimum investment quantity was set at $20 USD, whereas the max. contribution quantity was capped at $1,500 USD.

Launchpad platform is an exclusive token launch platform of Binance that’s designed to assist ‘blockchain‘ startups raise funding to develop product’s  focusing on crypto adoption. Moreover, Celer Network represents a layer-2 scaling platform that aims to offer off-chain transactions for both payment transactions and generalized off-chain smart contracts.

Earlier, Binance platform hosted 2 major tokens sales like the FET [Fetch.AI] along with BTT [BitTorrent] token. The BTT ‘sale‘ was set for 28th Jan., with investors buying all fifty billion BTT tokens, priced $7.1 Mln, in just less than 15 minutes. The FET token sale ‘raised‘ around $6 Mln dollars on 25th Feb.

However at the ‘reporting‘ time, Binance is ranked at second position among the leading cryptocurrency exchange by daily trading volumes, having been slightly overtaken by Hong Kong-based OKEx Exchange. As ‘reported‘ by EtherDesk yesterday, commercialism analytics platform ‘The Tie’ revealed analysis report claiming that around 90% of trade volumes reported by cryptocurrency exchanges might be incorrect.

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