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Binance And Libra Credit Teamed To Meet The Rising Demand Of Crypto’s Globally.

One of worlds largest crypto exchange ‘Binance’  has recently announced its tie up with the Libra Credits for revolutionising the demands of cryptocurrencies globally. Libra credits head quartered in San Francisco  is a decentralized lending ecosystem that facilitates open access to credit anywhere and anytime and is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

As per a press release by Libra credit:

“This partnership aims to address the growing global demand for liquidity of crypto assets based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Libra Credit has added BNB as collateral to their loan platform, providing more liquidity for BNB holders.”


This new partnership has boosted the BNB gains in the community. Following in just two days of the announcement of partnership, BNB has gained around 8.3 Percent  – peeking from approximately $13.68 USD to a higher price of around $14.86 USD the same day on July 27.

However a negative news of market manipulation through this partnership is also seen running through the community. As per a feed from Binance follower on Twitter even said:

“Libra is openly and obviously manipulating/cheating the vote! How are you still supporting them? This is going to be bad PR for Binance to play favourite and engage in unethical behaviour for allowing cheating to occur.”

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