Axie Infinity Virtual Land NFT Sells Out For 550 ETH – Exclusive.

According to a tweet from Axie Infinity, a desirable land piece within the monster-battle fantasy nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, was sold for 550 ETH ($2.3 million) late Thursday. Users use axes to fight other players, vanquish adversaries, and complete daily goals. They’re also non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that may be freely bred (minted), bought, and sold. It is the greatest sum ever paid for virtual real estate, according to the game’s creators.

The game will take place on the planet Lunacia, which is populated by Axies. It’s a 301 301 square grid, with each piece representing a tokenized plot of land called Terra that players can buy, sell, or rent to other players whenever they choose. Genesis is the most uncommon sort of virtual real estate in the Axie Infinity ecosystem, and it is Genesis that was auctioned yesterday.

Chimeras are monsters that appear throughout the game and pose a threat to Lunaria. Fighting Chimeras rewards players with Smooth Love Potions (SLPs), which can then be sold for cash on cryptocurrency exchanges. When Chimeras are vanquished, they drop a range of resources that may be used to improve Axies and land, allowing SLPs to earn more money. Rare Chimera raid creatures spawn and drop unique riches in Genesis Land, which is strategically located in Lunacia’s center. Furthermore, just 220 of the 90,601 land areas are designated as Genesis.

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