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Assisting Liberia [African Nation] To Digitise Government Related Services – Report.

In line with a recent official ‘announcement‘, subsidiary firm named ‘Medici Land Governance’ has signed a MoU with Liberia to assist the African nation’s digitise government related services.

This project will explore new idea’s about Liberia strengthening its economy via employing blockchain and enhance its mainstream ability between government departments. Furthermore as strengthen the country’s capability to generate revenues, the announcement notes that such infrastructure might cut-back corruption.

Within the project, native employees in Liberia will also learn technological trading to create sustainable jobs and guarantee ‘blockchain‘ systems maintenance once they are gone live. The CEO of Medici Land Governance named ‘Ali El Husseini,’ said:

“Liberia is well-positioned to explore implementing a blockchain backbone for e-government, that connects several government ministries as their services are digitized and brought on-line.”

As per Patrick M. Byrne, Medici Land Governance’s chairman and CEO, Liberia is the 3rd country on the continent to place its suite of blockchain merchandise to the test. He added:

“In 2019 I have been pleased and honored to see African nations growing about the unmatched possibilities of employing ‘blockchain‘ to accelerate their process of development.”

Earlier in August, Zambia also ‘signed‘ a MoU with Medici Land Governance that was designed to assist rural landowners legitimize their estates and gain access to the monetary world, successively making it easier for the govt to collect taxes.

A another similar agreement was also ‘signed‘ in Mexico earlier in the month of Feb.

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