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Apple’s Co-Founder Has Changed Reviews About The Blockchain Technology.

According to a local news source ‘NullTX’, at the ChainXchange conference in U.S. held from Aug. 13 to Aug. 15 this month, Steve Wozniak disclosed in an exceedingly interview that he plans to participate in a blockchain startup. Further mentioning of his further plans he said:

“I’m planning , very soon, for my first ever blockchain related project. Our approach isn’t sort of a new currency, or something phony.”

Apple co-founder additionally explained his fascination mentioning:

“It’s thus independent! It’s quite just like the internet, once was whole new to the people… i used to be surprised at the technology behind it… I’ve encountered individuals operating in assets avenues, kinds of Uber systems, everything we’ve got back in our life, particularly involving transactions … each single one you hear concerning, to me, has value…. some individuals will see the worththat strikes a chord in my memory considerably of the early internet days.”

Wozniak additionally compared the Ethereum ‘ETH’ platform with the Apple’s App Store, as each enable thousands of firms and people to develop and run their own applications. He said:

“Ethereum provides the tools for a blockchain application of your own… I see additional individuals employing Ethereum that way.”

Earlier this year, Wozniak had different technical views about the blockchain technology which seem to be changing now. Despite his plans on blockchain, Steve Wozniak in an interview admired Bitcoin, saying that it’s “the solely digital gold.” 

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