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Amazon Web Services ‘AWS’ Reveals Its Managed Blockchain Services ‘AMB’.

In line with a recent official ‘announcement‘ published, AWS [Amazon Web Services] – The cloud computing platform subsidiary of retail giant namely ‘Amazon’, has made its AMB [Amazon Managed Blockchain] generally accessible.

The product permits customers to setup blockchain networks within their organizations, while employing the Ethereum [ETH] and Hyperledger open source frameworks. Moreover, Amazon states that AMB could scale to support upto millions of transactions.

Amazon added that the Baas [Blockchain-as-a-service] also permits businesses to develop their own networks very quickly and at a lowest value, as it eliminates the necessity to “to provision hardware, software installation, create and manage certificates for access management, and setup network settings.”

Explaining further, the general manager of Amazon Managed Blockchain at AWS namely ‘Rahul Pathak,’ stated:

“Amazon Managed ‘Blockchain‘ takes care of provisioning nodes, while setting up the network, managing certificates and security, and scaling the network.”

As per AWS’ announcement, leading firm that have deployed AMB embrace U.S. communications giant AT&T, Nestle Global Food and Beverage Company along with Singapore Exchange Ltd.

AWS primarily ‘revealed‘ AMB, earlier in the month of November last year along with the Amazon’s QLDB [Quantum Ledger DataBase]. QLDB  is a ledger database designed to offer clear, immutable, and cryptographically verifiable log of transactions, that are overseen by a central authority.

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