After Squid Game Scam There's Now 'Lord Of Rings' Coin JRR Token - ALERT!!

After Squid Game Scam There's Now 'Lord Of Rings' Coin JRR Token - ALERT!!

2021-11-24 | Big Bob

After Squid Game Scam There's Now 'Lord Of Rings' Coin JRR Token - ALERT!!

The legacy of English legendary writer John Ronald Reuel Tolkien has been successfully stopped by a cryptocurrency known as "JRR Token." In August, the dubious cryptocurrency gained headlines after actor Billy Boyd, who plays Pippin in the famous film trilogy "Lord of the Rings," touted him on Twitter in a subsequently deleted tweet. The Binance Smart Chain token has a supply of 19 trillion cool tokens. His white paper began with a quote that Frodo had to convey to Doomsday Mountain in the shape of a ring in a circle: The one mark that stands out from the rest. I am not deterred by a single sign. Everyone will be given a single token to keep. They bind in advertising. The heinous misuse of the "Lord of the Rings" name has created outrage among fans, with many accusing the project of blatant financial theft. Even though it had nothing to do with Netflix, a BSC-based token called "Squid Game" received enormous media attention last month. In an open exit scheme, the token eventually dropped to zero, robbing its investors of millions of dollars. Supporters of her case have been striving to make the full transcript of her statement public on the internet. The domain must be seized, according to WIPO. In addition, the Florida-based token developer will have to stop all operations and delete all Tolkien-related content under the current token name. The defendant was required to pay an undisclosed sum of money. According to Steven Maier, a U.S. embassy specialist, the "unauthorized organization" was attempting to exploit the area: Tolkien Heritage keeps track of your activities to ensure that no one else uses JRR Tolkien's name or the contents of JRR Tolkien's text without permission. The Tolkien estate has begun a number of legal challenges to defend its legacy, including one against Warner Brothers.

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