21Shares To Lists 3 ETPs On Euronext Paris Stock Market On 1st June.

Switzerland-based investment product provider 21Shares is now listing three ETPs [Exchange Traded Products] on the Euronext Paris stock market later on 1st June.

21Shares, formerly referred to as Amun, earlier today on Friday revealed the three ETPs to be listed on the Bourse will give investors exposure to Bitcoin [BTC, -8.57%] and Ethereum [ETH, -10.06%]. The third product may be a “short bitcoin” ETP.

On the same day, New York-based investment management firm VanEck is going to be listing two bitcoin and ether ETPs on the Euronext stock exchanges in Amsterdam as well as Paris.

So far, 21Shares has listed cryptocurrency ETPs in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Due to investor demand, the investment company is now expanding its range towards France.

“These conventional trackers will permit investors to diversify their portfolios by adding assets that we believed in prior several others which we still believe are essential in successful portfolio allocation,” added Laurent Kssis, director of 21Shares ETP business.

Also in May, Ark Investment Management CEO Cathie Wood outlined that she had joined the board of cryptocurrency platform Amun Holdings, the parent company of 21Shares.

Wood confirmed she joined Amun’s board after personally investing within the operator of 21Shares and met the Amun team at a conference in 2019.

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